Castle Walls

Another historic week for artist Ays London. This past Sunday he had 3 different singles chart in the #Top25countdown. Still riding the momentum off the back to back #1's he just received in the previous weeks. The first artist to ever do it since the countdown expansion. Now due to public demand him & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" has decided to premiere a returning favorite from his catalog. The hit single titled "Castle Walls" has received close to 20,000 views on its official music video. Another great song from off the classic Ays London"Greatest Hits" album, which introduced us to numerous of #1 hit singles. The "Castle Walls" single played a huge part of success in the early years of Ays London's music career. This is the reason behind the official music video being released under his old stage name. Now being re-released under his new stage name Ays London, he hopes the hit single can bring him the similar success it has in the past. Now it's set to replace the Hall of Fame single "Off the Record" from our Friday Live Show. Could this single bring home U.K. another #1 hit? Ays London has charted #1 on seven different occasions, which is an historic all time record here on Trend City Radio. With this single "Castle Walls" you get the top quality hit & visual, ultimately making it a stand out single. Not only do you enjoy seeing a incredible music video, but you get to see the growth of Ays London as a young artist to the Hall of Famer he is today. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! Click the link below to watch the official music video of the hit single "Castle Walls".


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: U.K., London