Make it

For the second week in a row Ays London have took the crown here on Trend City Radio. Having two different singles go number #1 in back to back weeks is an prestige accomplishment. Voted & respected highly by our listeners, the hard work & dedication from Ays London & his record label "On The Edge Musik Productions" haven't gone unnoticed. Now winning his 7th "Hall of Fame" induction is a huge deal, statistically making him the best artist to ever hit Trend City Radio to date. Ays London is still the only artist to chart #1 since the countdown expansion. He is also the only artist voted in the top rankings of all 4 weekly live shows with 4 different singles. Thousands have tried their chance at submitting there best single to win a spot in the Hall of Fame, but less than a hundred have succeeded. Ays London on the other hand, have done it on seven different occasions. His accomplishments here a Trend City Radio puts him on a whole another level by himself. Ays London have decided to retire the former #1 hit "Let Me Know" & introduce us to his new hit single "Make it". A single dedicated to all of Ays London's haters & to the people that said he would never "Make it". Now reaching success on the path of his music career, he has no problem reminding the doubters that he will continue to reach his goals & achieve them. Incredible production on this single with the classic Ays London laid-back flow which helped him reach so many #1's. I rate this single 5 outta 5 Flames! Is this another future #1 hit? Ays London dropped this single as a special song release for all his supporters & biggest fans as an thank you token. Be sure to click the link below to listen, like & share.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames


Location: U.K., London