“Would Ays Came Back?!”

The official music video to the smash hit “Woulda Came Back” by Ays London is a very special one close to his heart. It was the very first professional music video he ever did as a 17 year old unsigned recording artist. This music video is what helped kick the buzz in the U.K. to start his music career. Once the video received thousands of views & likes across the world on the YouTube platform, he decided to push another single which ultimately got him signed. The independent label “On The Edge Musik Productions” put him on their radar once the single “Starry Eyed Remix” started to trend. Since the day Ays London signed on the dotted line him & the label have dropped multiple recording albums & released many successful music videos. The hit single “Woulda Came Back” charted number #2 in its previous promotional run. Now Ays London is looking to seal the deal & have it enter the Trend City Radio “Hall of Fame”. It would be the ultimate icing on the cake after a whole year of hard work and grinding day in & day out by him and the label. “Woulda Came Back” is now currently in rotation on our Friday live show. It is also one of the main singles off the latest classic “The Journey To The Top” album, which streams every Thursday at 4pm(pst). I rate the “Woulda Came Back” single 5 outta 5 Flames! Not only is it one of Ays London’s earlier hits, but it’s also one of the fan's all time favorite’s. From the professionally done music video to the dope metaphors throughout the song, this track was considered a smash hit since day one. All of the blood, sweat, & tears Ays London continues to put in his music all started with this song. After years of writing & now that he’s perfected his craft, it’s great to see where he started from. You can click the link below to watch the first official music video by Ays London titled “Woulda Came Back”.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://t.co/vEjv4vwPCJ

Location: London, U.K.