"The Journey To The Top" In Depth

    As Ays London latest album "The Journey To The Top" continues to stream on Trend City Radio every Thursday at 4pm(pst), the positive feedback & support remains consistent for the young talent from London, U.K.. Partnering with the independent label "On The Edge Musik Productions" to an exclusive record deal seemed to be the perfect move. Ays London have now won a grand total of nine Trend City "Hall of Fame" Number #1's in the past few years, this current record just may be unbreakable. The collaboration of the two also have created a Album that includes a 47 track list monster titled "The Journey To The Top". This past Sunday Ays London had two different singles from off the album make the #Top25countdown"F.Away" along with the hit single "Star Chasing" which was voted number #2 after only a surprising two week run. This album is jam packed with some of Ays London's top singles throughout his entire career. As you listen to this album you will experience the up's & down's of Ays London's life & his Journey To The Top.

    After listening to this album on multiple occasions, there seem to be a few singles that continuously standout over the others. One single in particular is the hit single "Hold on". This single was just recently selected out of thousands to be apart of the new "Trend City Compilation Vol.4" Mixtape. On these Trend City Mixtapes only the best of the best gets added, & this is Ays London's second time being selected to be apart of a Trend City Compilation Mixtape. "Hold on" also played a key role at helping establish a solid fan base for Ays London here in the U.S.. The song reveals how Ays London was in a state of depression thinking about his past & is in search for love he can lean on for support. At the same time he also try's to maintain his focus on moving forward with accomplishing his goals & upgrading his lifestyle. In the mix of everything that's going on he still Hold's on to that one true love, the memories from within refuses to let her go. "Hold on" is definitely a single recommend one to check out.

    Another single from off the "The Journey To The Top" album that's a standout is "Off The Record". The energy on this particular track separates itself from the bunch. From the beat to Ays London's aggressive tone, this track have be one of my personal favorites. It's as if Ays London wrote this song then went to the booth & released every bit of frustration & negative energy out all on this one track. This is one of those "Tell All Song's" that end up becoming an instant favorite to the audience. "Off The Record" is also a Trend City Radio "Hall of Fame" single, going number #1 earlier this year in April. Now it is currently back in rotation on our Wednesday live show with high hopes of repeating its first successful run. The entire album is just filled with incredible hits you heard from Ays London on Trend City Radio over the past two years. I rate "The Journey To The Top" album 5 outta 5 Flames! All of Ays London's "Hall of Fame" singles that helped him win nine #1's are all on this album. That is including the hit single "Dream Girl" which was his last #1 single. He is still the current leader for the #ArtistOfTheYear award. Click the link below to listen to the new album "The Journey To The Top". Don't forget to tune in this Thursday at 4pm(pst) to hear it live on Trend City Radio.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://m.soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/the-smash-hits-album-by-ays

Location: U.K., London