Ays London Greatest Hits in Depth

     This past Sunday Ays London had another historic week by capturing three of the #Top20 spots on the Trend City Countdown. Two of the three singles were voted in #Top10 positions, making Ays London one of the top artist to ever hit Trend City Radio to date. All three singles come from the "Ays London Greatest Hits (2006 - 2016)" Album. A 44 track album combined with number 1 hits & unreleased songs. This album takes you on an up & down roller coaster of emotions. It might be a bit too early to call it a classic, but if Ays London keeps the #1 hits as consistent as his latest releases, it may be just that.

     Ays London first Trend City Radio #1 hit Single "Make Believe" is what started the journey. The amazing single took over Trend City Radio by storm within its first couple of weeks. Easily recognized by the listeners due to the catchy hook & Ays London's U.K. Accent. Being the first artist from the U.K. on Trend City Radio completely made him a stand out. The release of the official music video is what really helped push the single to new heights. Introducing a new flavor of Hiphop that some of our listeners have never experienced before. With all the hard work & dedication Ays London & his label "On The Edge Musik Productions" have put in, they're now considered a heavy favorite. 

     For over the past year Ays London have been competing with top tier talent from all over the world on a weekly basis here at Trend City Radio. Accumulating four #1 hits in just the year of 2016 alone, and is the only artist to be awarded over four #1's thus far. Ays London is also the only artist to have 3 singles make the #Top10 twice. The three current singles "Catch You", "Hold on" & "Off the Record" have all made the #Top20countdown this past Sunday. The album "Ays London Greatest Hits" is deserving of 5 outta 5 Flames! You can listen to it live on Trend City Radio this Thursday at 11am(pst), Or click the link below to listen to this amazing album.


Name: Ays London

Rating: 5 Flames

Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-518963631/sets/ays-london-artist-greatest-1/s-wf8GG

Location: U.K., London