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"on camera" Interview Package!

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With the new "Social Media Boom" over the past few years we've learned that "on camera interviews" are far more valuable than the average interview on live Radio. Simply put, on camera interaction attracts far more viewership. In this Promotion Package you will be granted the opportunity to share your story & music with the "Trend City Radio" audience. Once you make your payment an update will be emailed to you containing a few questions. You must then answer the questions in small clips using your mobile camera phone or any other camera device. Once you email it back to us we will then edit & upload it to our Official YouTube Channel  for fans & supporters to continue to view for years to come. We will also promote it on all of our social media platforms. As your single continues to spin on our station we will continue to promote the interview which will draw deep interest & help you gain a loyal following. Please view the example video above.  


$89.99 "on camera" Interview Package:

We upload your Interview to our Youtube Channel.

- Your Interview gets Advertised on our website, under the "Music Video" section. 

- We blast your Interview on our Twitter & Facebook, once a week for 4 WEEKS STRAIGHT!

- your single on Trend City Radio Live Show for 4 weeks.

- We Promote you & your song via Twitter the Exact moment it is playing Live on our Radio Station. 

This way the Artist can Retweet & immediately get their Fans to interact & support. Also the Artist will be able to receive immediate feedback from our followers after being played on Radio.

(Accumulating over 1-Million followers)